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Thank you, Dr Mamorare

Dear Dr Mamorare

Where do I begin? This year I watched my baby boy walk into his new grade 1 classroom. I was able to watch him achieve this milestone. I watched him lose his first two teeth and the excitement thereafter about the tooth mouse coming to visit. We watched him turn 6 and have an awesome Christmas. We have been able to watch him be an amazing big brother to his three year old sister. We have watched him participate in school athletics as well as playing excitedly with his friends. He believes he is strong because he eats spinach. He is so proud of his scar. He tells everyone that the doctor cut his heart and put Jesus inside. In a way he isn't wrong. So what am I trying to get to? Doctor Mamorare thank you for saving my boy at 7 months old from septicemia and successfully doing his fontan last year. Thank you for giving my family hope and for giving us time with my gorgeous boy. You are a hero in my eyes and I will always look at you in amazement. You have been blessed with amazing talent and because of you so many people are achieving milestones in their lives. Your hands perform miracles. I'll always let my child know who you are and show him pictures, for your Dr Mamorare are our guardian angel.

With love

Caitlin Trollip Heart warrior mom


© Maboneng Heart and Lung Institute 2017 | Images: Liane Metzler

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