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In Conversation with Dr Hendrick Mamorare

This year marks 40 years of experience as a Cardiothoracic Surgeon for Dr Hendrick Mamorare. A man, who despite his successes and experience, continues to practice with sincere humility - constantly seeking ways to improve with every single operation he undertakes. To this day, one of Dr Mamorare’s greatest challenges is in managing the high expectations of colleagues and the families he serves, and in his answers below, expresses his sincere gratitude to his family who he feels serves him. Here it is - a peek inside our surgeons mind… If you could turn back time and start over, would you still become a heart surgeon?

Yes I would still become a heart surgeon.

What are the absolute highs and absolute lows of your profession?

Absolute highs: All the patients living independent lives and are well post repair.

Absolute lows: patients who either have suboptimal outcomes or did not make it.

What is the last thought on your mind before you enter theatre?

There are none. I just pray. Is it ever easy?

No. Complacency can result in mistakes.

How do you cope and balance your life?

I have a very supportive team and a very supportive family.I spent time in the outdoors as well. How does it make you feel to see your patients grow up and live a full healthy life? You realise that there is hope for most of the congenital cardiac defects. And Dr Mamorare signs off by saying: “Thank you for this opportunity. Hendrick.”


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