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Meet Dr Mamorare

“None. I just pray.” The words the incredibly unassuming and self-assured Dr Hendrick Mamorare uses to reply to a question about pre-operational rituals. The simplicity of his answer to the stressful reality that lies in committing to perform surgeries on a beating heart bares testimony to the humble nature this renowned Cardiothoracic Surgeon possesses. With 35 years of experience and practice, Dr Mamorare is fully aware of the ever expansive field of medicine - allowing humility to serve him and his patients in the best possible way.

“You have a learning curve but even after many years in practice, you will still encounter unusual cases,” explains Mamorare, who finds the most challenge part of his job managing the high expectations from colleagues and families.

His answer echoes and whispers to me the idea that "Heroes are not created easily” (Uldus Bakhtiozina). And most certainly, the belief that heroes pertain increased longevity when created in the face of humility.

The valued member of the Cardiothoracic Surgeon trio of Maboneng Heart & Lung Institute is a Doctor of few words and one that is deeply passionate about his work, which has grown to become his way of life. “The only reason I studied medicine was to do Cardiac Surgery. If I could not have, I would probably not be involved with medicine, and do something like engineering.” His answer a subtle indication of his ability to problem solve, perhaps explaining his immense success in the OR (operating room).

Dr Mamorare fully recognises and stresses the demand for Cardiac Surgeons of a high calibre, especially in the “so called developing countries”. “Only a few paediatric cases get to be operated upon due to a shortage of surgeons and equipment.”

Love is a prevalent quality in the work Dr Mamorare has used, and allowed, to shape himself and his life. “Paediatric Cardiac Surgery is a humbling, challenging and exciting field. Just about every patient is unique and there is hardly any repitition.”

The light in which Mamorare holds his work - to be “wonderful, challenging, humbling” - is a true and genuine reflection of the great surgeon behind the scalpel.


© Maboneng Heart and Lung Institute 2017 | Images: Malaika Boon


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