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The Mokoena Family Share their Gratitude for The Maboneng Foundation

“I am Mndawe Sharron with Mokena Victor, parents to Mpendulo Crown Mokoena, from Tembisa but originally from Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga and its with great pleasure to be able to share the story of our little miracle survivor with you . After two stillborn boys, God has finally given us an angel to keep us smiling all day. He has answered our prayers and that is why we named her Mpendulo. It is a Zulu name that simply means, ‘answer’. Mpendulo was born at 33 weeks, weighing 1.75 kgs as Tembisa Hospital via C-section because of decreased fetal movements. She seemed like a healthy child when we were discharged from the hospital and I was told to bring her in for a weight check every month. I did as told until one day when I noticed some changes in her breathing. It was becoming faster every day and she wasn’t gaining weight, didn’t want to eat and her heart was now making a loud sound that got me very scared, so I took her to Tembisa [Hospital] and explained everything to the doctor. He told us that she was failing to thrive and that she was experiencing heart failure. They had to keep her there for a couple of days to monitor her… Through it all, we never lost hope, we kept on praying for her recovery and God answered. She was discharged but booked for Steve Biko Hospital for a sonar to see what could be wrong. Thank God she was doing much better because of the meds they gave us while waiting for our date to go to Steve Biko. Finally the date came. We went to Steve Biko Academic Hospital and got the most shocking news ever. We were told that she has a very large PDA that needs an urgent surgery as soon as possible. Due to the Covid pandemic they couldn't do it that fast, as they had to follow protocol. We understood and accepted it because we knew the God we serve wouldn't let us down... We were given another date to come back for check up, which is when Prof Linda Mitchell told us since the waiting list is so long and they only do operations for 3 days in a week, if we were to wait, Mpendulo’s operation could only even happen next year in 2022. She then told us about The Maboneng Foundation that helps people like us who are in need of an emergency surgery but unable to pay for it. She explained everything and helped us with all the paperwork she even gave us money for transportation. May God continue to bless her. When The Maboneng Foundation approved we were very excited that at last our miracle baby will be saved from this life threatening condition at the Netcare Sunninghill Hospital. We got admitted on the 16th of September 2021 and on the 17th went for the ligation [tying of the ductus arteriosis] and by the 19th we were discharged. We thank everyone who was part of our miracle's survival. To all the doctors from both Steve Biko and Maboneng Heart and Lung Institute at Netcare Sunninghill Hospital, the surgeons, the nurses and mostly to The Maboneng Foundation... because without it, we wouldn't have afforded all the costs, and who knows maybe we would have been still on the waiting list of Steve Biko. Mpendulo is a very healthy baby and she has gained a lot of weight in a very short period of time.”


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